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About Us

Our Story.

Family run and operated since 1910.

Bear Spring Camps was established in 1910 by George D. and Alice R. Mosher. The couple moved to Rome from Derby, CT with their two sons, Durwood and Bertram. Originally the property was a farm but by building six cottages and converting a wood shed into a dining area, they were soon ready to rent to families traveling from Boston and New York by train. In those days guests were picked up at the Belgrade Depot and transported back to camp.   In 1911, Bertram married the girl next door, Irma Richardson and they began to run the family business.  As their family grew so did the number of cottages.  By 1946 when their only son, Bertram G. Jr. married Marguerite Tobin there were twenty-one cottages.  Bert and Marguerite added eleven more cottages, installed indoor plumbing, and expanded the dining area.  They continued to run the camps until Bert’s death in 1987 at which time his youngest daughter, Peggy and her husband Ron Churchill took over.​Today, the camp continues to operate in the same simple manner as it did in 1910 with lakefront cottages, home cooked meals in the Main House, and families traveling from away to find a few days of old fashioned rest by the lake side. 


A Piece of History

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